Ro & Arrows was founded by Southern Californian Colleen Kirtz, and derived from her passion for fitness, travel, movement, and creativity. As a former certified Pilates and yoga instructor and practitioner, and with an education and experience in product development, merchandising, and manufacturing, Colleen created Ro & Arrows to satisfy the wants and needs of fellow athletes, instructors, and fitness enthusiasts. Understanding the mental and physical benefits of fitness, and strengthening the mind body connection, are practices Colleen has carried through both of her pregnancies, both pre-and post-birth, and meld with her passion for the Ro & Arrows product. Colleen brought her engineering background and broad understanding of blending textiles for soft goods that benefit of the end user to the likes of Nike, Hurley, Oakley, and other well-respected athletic brands throughout her career. Her education, experience, and personal mantra, have resulted in the introduction of Ro & Arrows.